Eltronik serves consumer, commercial, industrial and military markets as a Sales Representative/ Sales Agent by providing appropriate services in the following fields:

Electronic, Electromechanical and Mechanical Components Division


A variety of component products offered to our customers for commercial, industrial as well as high-reliability / military applications.  Servicing all types of customers and applications ranging from consumer electronics to internet appliances to information technology systems to wireless communications products, from data communications to high speed telecommunications systems to fiber-optic systems.

Telecommunications Systems and Products Division

We offer a range of systems and sub-systems as well as related products for Transmission and Reception for the Telecommunications industry.

Government, Military and Aerospace Division

We offer a selection of military and aerospace systems for government use.  In addition, we offer hardware and spares as well as logistics support for a variety of military and aerospace systems such as aircrafts, helicopters, tanks.  We also offer AN/AS/MS/JAN type items and items with National Stock Numbers.

Security, Access Control Products, Identification and RFID Division

Contact and Contactless Smart Cards.  Data Carrier Serial & Parallel Memory products. RFID products. Access Control systems. Iris Recognition Systems.


Eltronik provides solutions

Eltronik's management and sales team has over 20 years of experience in International Business

Eltronik provides Fast, Courteous, Knowledgeable and Personal Service

Our Fully Computerized and On-Line system enables us to keep track of all our customers' orders as well as our transactions with our vendors

Our Many years of experience and industry knowledge along with our top grade relationships with our principals for over 10 years enables us to offer the best service and the highest overall quality in the market

We supply Commercial, Industrial, High-Reliability and Military level products with full Traceability and Documentation

Eltronik provides Technical Assistance, Technical Information, Data, Catalogs, Samples FREE OF CHARGE as part of our standard service



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