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Eltronik has been the technology leader in the market for over 12 years since its start in 1989. 


Eltronik has made a commitment to bringing the latest and the most advanced in the technology to the local market and make it available to every design engineer.  Bringing new, advanced and innovative products and solutions to our customers has been the concept of our marketing and has contributed to the advancement and the success of Eltronik.  Being the leader in high-tech products and advance solutions is the driving force of our business.

Our company continues to be the leading representative supplier to all electronic industries and customers in all fields of electronics manufacturing which it has served with pride with such uncompromising dedication, quality and reliability since 1989.

Eltronik is proud of its customer basis in the electronic components field, ranging from multinational conglomerates to government owned companies to world's best names in their fields. We have served them with commitment to excellence and we have earned their respect.  Eltronik will continue the tradition of offering the quality service its customers have come to expect in the future with a never ending energy to better satisfy their needs and continue to earn their most invaluable businesses.

There are a number of companies we proudly represent as well as provide technical and engineering support in the electronic components field.  Please inquire from us to get a current list of these companies we represent.

Our Representation efforts are solidly supported by


A Group Of Dedicated and Experienced Professional Team of Sales Engineers

Overseas Offices to better serve customers needs around the clock

Wide Spectrum of productline offered to customers



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