RF & Microwaves Capabilities


Excellence by Knowledge and Experience

For over a decade Eltronik has earned a reputation and a title of being "Technical Representative" among its customers in the marketplace.  These customers, some being local high-tech companies and some being subsidiaries of large multinational companies, have relied on Eltronik in a variety of ways to support their efforts in design and production stages.



One of the fields that Eltronik has made a reputation in, is in the RF & Microwaves field.  Customers relied on Eltronik for over a decade in their RF designs by using products that Eltronik sales engineer have proposed. 


In addition, a variety of items, ranging from Fiber Optic Microwave Delay Lines to Special Purpose Antennas to Microwave waveguide assemblies, were custom made by Eltronik to meet rigorous customer requirements. 


Eltronik is perhaps the only representative in the market that can undertake such tasks as customer design of RF & Microwave as well as Fiber Optic related products and systems, and deliver.


No other representative organization has the combined knowledge that Eltronik's engineers have in the RF and Microwaves field. To support its activities in the RF & Microwaves Eltronik applies the following basic principals:


-  Management has many years of actual field experience in design and manufacture of RF & Microwaves systems.


-  Eltronik has contracted a local company which is an RF & Microwaves Design Powerhouse, with experience reaching beyond the borders with companies such as Alcatel in Europe; thus supporting Eltronik's activities and customer support strength.


RF & Microwaves field is an expertise area of Eltronik.  We have supported customers in this field with a variety of standard and custom made products for over decade.


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